Friday, September 30, 2011

Cooking and Dancing the salsa

Blogging is honestly a lot of fun for me.  My most difficult part with it is applying it strictly to my business.  I start to run out of ideas that are fun and interesting.  Soon my words start to sound robotic.  So to mix things up I am going to start posting some things that I am doing in addition to my graphic design work.

Honestly I do feel bad for those who have a hard time finding a hobby.  My usual response is "take one of mine!".  But then again I would have a hard time giving one of them up.  Today is about my hobby cooking.  For literally years I have tried to make salsa at home.  Each attempt is simply ok.  Nothing good just ok.  And I like to think my cooking is amazing.  So with the abundance of tomatoes from my garden (another hobby) I decided to give it another try.

So first I had to find an inspirational recipe.  Thanks to my new crush Pinterest I found an image that gave me just what I needed.  It is actually from a local B&B.  Which makes it even better for me.  When I reviewed the recipe I found that half the ingredients are roasted in the oven.  Hmmm ... I think I had heard of that before.  Now that sounds fun!  The next best part is you can this salsa.  This means yummy salsa all year round and huge savings.  All I needed that I didn't get from neighbor's or relative's gardens was the poblano peppers.  I had everything else including jars.

Making this recipe couldn't be easier.  I did double the recipe and ended up with almost six jars of salsa. Some parts were a little messy.  But I don't mind messy. My only recommendation is to seed the tomatoes. The end result was 1.5 jars of salsa gone in two days!  Absolutely delicious!  So good that today I am making another batch today.  Here is the link to the recipe I hope you give it a try and send the Brayton B&B a little thank you for their amazing recipe!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Orange Toes in Lake Michigan

This weekend we visited my mother-in-law for a family get together.  She lives one mile from Lake Michigan.  For us Wisconsin people it is our version of the ocean.  I absolutely love going to the beach.  I had my camera in hand to take some photos.  It also gave me the opportunity to show off my fabulous orange toes.
So when you are considering setting up your manicure and pedicure appointments for your wedding don't forget this fabulous color! And remember they don't have to match.  Do a french manicure on your hands and orange on the toes.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Foster Family

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Sullivan Family

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The Bortzfield Family

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The Guzman Family

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The Robinson Family

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