Monday, August 25, 2008

Aaron's Carnival Birthday Party

This last Saturday was my nephew's 2nd birthday party. My sister-in-law had the fabulous idea to throw a carnival party. Of course when someone says party my creative juices start to go. Coming from a creative family we all have great ideas to help create a great event.

It all started with my sister recommending Oriental Trading Company for all of the supplies for the games. That website is awesome! Then we got together the Saturday before the party and started to create the games. My brother is a carpenter so plywood is just an everyday item laying around his house. He created a simple box for the fish bowl game, a sheet of wood with holes cut out for the bean bag toss and signs for the ducky game and the ring toss. But the best part was the ticket booth he created! I begged for just a sheet of plywood with a hole cut out and a triangle for the top. He was busy with work and just wanted my sister-in-law to order a cardboard version for $80. That just doesn't fly in my family. LOL! So after a nice hearty lunch he finally came around. What started as a simple idea he turned into the most amazing ticket booth/play house from scrap materials he had laying around. A few coats of paint and a string of lights and the cardboard booth was put to shame.

The day of the event my sister's neighbors brought 2 miniature ponies to give the kids rides. My sister showed up to dressed as Happy the Clown. Who knew that 4 years of clown club in high school would really pay off. She was armed with plenty of balloons that she twisted into really cool creatures. Happy and I also did face painting for all of the kids. Meanwhile my mom was serving up snow cones from the snow cone machine that we rented for a whooping $15!! By the way if you rent one of these you can make the syrup yourself. It is just a process of making a simple syrup and a koolaid packet.

The best part was the moon bounce that my sister-in-law rented for $100. What a great way to keep the kids happy and corralled all in one spot. But that didn't stop the adults from getting in it as well! I think I may have even bounced in it a few times.

Oh and did I forget to metion the fabulous invitations I created! Check out the design at my website. Aaron is such a cute model!


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