Thursday, September 18, 2008

Camelot Golf Course

There is nothing like being a vendor at a local show. I get butterflies just trying to prepare for the event. And of course at the last minute I come up with fabulous ideas. But as soon as the spotlight is on me my adrenaline kicks in and the show begins. I love getting the opportunity to show people my work face to face. It allows them to get to see me in person for once vs through email. And I must say the eggplant colored blouse I bought for the event had me feeling like a million bucks!! LOL! Everyone's reactions good and bad help me to refine my work.

Last night's event was for the Camelot Golf Course in Lomira with their fabulous lady golfers. Those women swept me off my feet with their kindness. My friend Liz who is a fabulous hairdresser attended the event with me as well.(I also do her business cards and marketing) The best part was watching the women fight over who won her gift certificate!

I can't wait for the next event!