Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amazing Baby Shower Cakes

One of my recent customers was looking for a custom design. She was kind enough to send with her photo examples of the items she was using for the Baby Shower. The theme of the shower was storks. As I was looking through her paperwork I noticed the photo of a stork cake. Along side of it she noted "The cake no one can make". I'm thinking to myself no one.... I know someone. So I did some research and found that one of my past customers Christee was only an hour away. Christee makes some of the most amazing cakes. So I forwarded her info to the customers in need. Christee contacted me a few days ago to thank me for the referral. I gasped at the gorgeous photo of her cake and adorable cupcakes with my work as the backdrop.

So make sure to check out Christee's work at I did notice they are creating a new site. But she is also listed as one of my friends here on myspace so you can check out her work there as well.

So to all of you with small businesses like myself, let me know what you are up to. You never know when I may need you!

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