Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tea Length Wedding Dress

For many brides the search for the actual bridal gown is the most important part of the process. I found this to be true for myself when searching for my own dress. Of course I had to be more difficult than your average bride. I did not want your average dress. Our wedding is going to be more like a small party of 50-60 guests in the theme of old Hollywood. So my goal was to find a dress that was around knee length. I was lucky enough to find a line of brides maid's dresses that came in white. Now mind you my search was not very long and I ended up with a fabulous dress. But low and behold I find a website that fits every aspect of what I was looking for in a dress after I have actually found one! So to all of your brides looking for something a little different I suggest checking out Stephanie James Couture. http://stephaniejamescouture.com Now if I could just find someone to create my invitations LOL!

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