Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Showers

Yes, it is sad Fall is right around the corner. But it is my favorite time of year! My new Enchanting wedding shower design made me realize that I only have one Fall design for wedding showers and nothing for baby showers. So I have taken a few of my design to combine them into these beautiful fall invites. The wedding shower invites I took to the next level by using the trees and the leaves but abandoning the usual fall colors for purple. Keep in mind all of my designs can be adjusted to fit your color schemes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Annie's Wedding Shower

Sunday was my friend Annie's wedding shower. It has been a while since I have attended such an event. And I must admit a small secret. The only reason I really attend showers is for the cake. LOL! The cake did not disappoint me. It was chocolate cherry with vanilla frosting, yum! Made by the groom's sister Kelly. Games are not my favorite thing at these events. But when they started passing around spices to see who could guess the most I just told them to hand me the prize. The Martha Stewart in me did not dissapoint. I got 10 out of 12 right and won!

Now it is gift time. Of course I didn't get her anything off the registry! Annie and her fiance Kyle love their cars. So I deceided to create a pin up of annie next to Kyle's other baby, his Camero. I also found at a local shop the cutest underwear with a mechanic's patch on the front with Kyle's name on them. I found that they can also be purchased online at www.blumegirl.com. (These would also make a great bachelorette gift!) Her reaction to the gift was priceless! It also inspired a new design for my pinup collection!