Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neworking Meeting Update for Tuesday September 22nd

My excitement just keeps building after every meeting. The ideas and the connections are inspiring. I wanted to give those who attended and those who were unable to attend a review of the topics discussed at this week's meeting.
1. Naming the group. I will need your ideas for the networking group's name by October 1st. Once I receive all of your ideas I will be posting them on FB for us to vote on.
2. Once we have a name I will have a Facebook page created. This will then be our base for information exchange.
3. Facebook offers pay per click advertising that may be an advantage to some of our businesses. I know that my business has seen more traffic from it.
4. linkedin.com is another great free networking resource. Make sure to add me as well!
3. CoCo Chanel. This may sound funny at first but I just watched a documentry on her life this weekend. I was shocked to find out that she was an orphan and in 1913, she opened up her very first shop which sold a range of fashionable raincoats and jackets. The first shop even went out of business. One of my favorite quotes from her was "I gave women a sense of freedom; I gave them back their bodies: bodies that were drenched in sweat, due to fashion's finery, lace, corsets, underclothes, padding.".
To get every detail check out these books
Chanel : A Woman of Her Own by Axel Madsen
Chanel and Her World : Friends, Fashion, and Fame by Edmonde Charles-Roux
I am hoping to have at least one example like this a month. If you have any ideas of women business owners of the past that would be an inspriation let me know.
4. For Tracey's business with Market America we came up with the idea of showcasing a product of the month on Facebook. She could then update everyday a new detail or important information on that product to help educate her customers. This could also be done with a blog or Twitter.
Thanks again to all of our members!
The next meeting will be October 6th at 9:00am. Please rsvp if you are able to attend.