Friday, January 29, 2010

Save the Date Announcement Tips for Brides

The world of weddings have definitely changed. And in that change has come the arrival of Save the Date Announcements. If you ask your mother when she sent out her save the dates she is might look at you a bit funny. There are brides who want to know what the save the date actually is, who do I send it to, what information is needed, and other related questions. Let's get those answered.

Destination weddings are a large part of why save the dates have become necessary for weddings. These type of weddings normally require a large investment from the guests due to travel expenses. Save the dates allow the guests time to prepare financially. But what about the rest of the brides? Can they indulge in this fun new tradition? Absolutely! They are a great way for your out of town guests to prepare for your wedding. It also helps to make sure your wedding is placed into your guests' calenders before other events!

Now who should you send them to? For a destination wedding I recommend sending them only to the guests invited to the actual wedding. If you are having a reception afterwards send a separate invite announcing your marriage. For a local wedding save the dates should be sent to guests who are invited to the entire wedding.

What information that should be included on the announcement? The date, location of the wedding, names of the bride and groom, and a note "formal invitation to follow". For destination weddings it is also helpful to include the hotel you are staying at or recommended accommodations. If you have a wedding website set up that information can be included as well. Do not include registry information on the announcement. If you have a registry then set up a wedding website where the guests can access that information.
When should they be sent out? It is recommended that you send them out no earlier than 6-9 months before your date.

Many brides ask if the save the dates have to match the actual invitation. They definitely can match and some brides prefer they do. But this is also a time to have fun with your announcements. My favorite designs is my Getting Hitched design.
The bobble head feel and the cute little church are so fun! Another idea I love is during your engagement session have your photographer photograph you and your fiance holding a large card that says "Save the Date". You can then order cards through your photographer to send your guests. One of my favorite photographers is Amy Zellmer with Custom Creations Photography.

What options do brides have? The announcement can be as simple as a regular sized invitation. But the most popular option now are magnets. Magnets can be purchased in different sizes and give the announcement another use.

If you are not having a destination wedding save the dates are not required. But with all the options they are too much fun not to send. Happy Planning!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Superheroes!

My customer Meredith has the cutest twin boys. One of them loves superman and the other is more of a batman guy. So we adjusted the colors of the outfits to work for her needs. The final design turned out so cute! These little superheroes can come save the day anytime I need help!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Wedding Invitations

This coming week is going to be very exciting. I have been on a few bridal forums and have found that a lot of brides have much smaller budgets for their invitations. Now a $250 budget should not prevent a bride from getting fabulous invitations for 100 people. I haven't had much luck with getting reasonable pricing from local printers. But I contacted a company I have worked with once before to see how they would quote what I am looking for. They came back with some amazing pricing. So this week I will be sending them a few designs for them to print up for me. If the samples turn out great I can really be competitive with some of the big name invite companies. And the best part is that I can accommodate almost every bride! I will keep everyone posted on the details!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahoy Ahoy It's a Boy!

I have had the pleasure yet again to work with my dear client Carrissa. She is an up and coming event planner. I had the pleasure to work with her on a couple events including her best friends wedding shower and wedding. Now I had the honor to work with her on a custom design for her baby shower invitations. Her nautical theme and inspirations pieces were so fun to work with. The final design is a perfect invite for those expecting a boy. The next phase to the project will be matching place cards and a banner.
Once the baby arrives I know Carrissa will have her hands full. But I can't wait to see what events and ideas she has in the future!
Check out this design and all of my other baby shower invites at

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Registry Info on your Invitation

I have been going through the more recent discussions in the bridal forum. And I am so sad to see that most of the brides want to know how to ask for money instead of having a registry. I feel very strongly that a gift is a choice and should never be expected. A registry is simply a suggestion for those who would like to buy a specific gift for the couple other than giving money. As a guest I do not want to be told what I have to give if I choose to give a gift. I was invited to a family wedding that I did not attend because the couple put a tiny note in the invite directly requesting money. As a whole most guests are very aware by a couples age that they probably have most of the items they will need for a home. Most guests will see that there is no registry and simply give cash. Reguardless of the direction you give your guests there are still going to be some odd gifts you did not request.
Now there are examples of websites that allow couples to register for a honeymoon, house down payment etc. I am on the fence with that idea but it is definitely much better than bluntly stating you would like money.
In the end I am sad to hear that most of the brides so concerened about gifts! A wedding is about who you are going to be spending the rest of your life with and celebrating it with those you love. And as brides don't worry you are going to get a lot of gifts and plenty of cash!