Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Registry Info on your Invitation

I have been going through the more recent discussions in the bridal forum. And I am so sad to see that most of the brides want to know how to ask for money instead of having a registry. I feel very strongly that a gift is a choice and should never be expected. A registry is simply a suggestion for those who would like to buy a specific gift for the couple other than giving money. As a guest I do not want to be told what I have to give if I choose to give a gift. I was invited to a family wedding that I did not attend because the couple put a tiny note in the invite directly requesting money. As a whole most guests are very aware by a couples age that they probably have most of the items they will need for a home. Most guests will see that there is no registry and simply give cash. Reguardless of the direction you give your guests there are still going to be some odd gifts you did not request.
Now there are examples of websites that allow couples to register for a honeymoon, house down payment etc. I am on the fence with that idea but it is definitely much better than bluntly stating you would like money.
In the end I am sad to hear that most of the brides so concerened about gifts! A wedding is about who you are going to be spending the rest of your life with and celebrating it with those you love. And as brides don't worry you are going to get a lot of gifts and plenty of cash!

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