Friday, February 12, 2010

Bridal Shower Ideas

Throwing is one of my favorite types of parties to throw. My best friend is getting married this summer and as the matron of honor I get the pleasure of throwing her shower! More details will be disclosed on that later this spring. If you are throwing a shower here are a few things you will want to consider. Location, food, guest list, decorations and games to name a few.

So let's start with the location. So what are the options. Your home or another family member's home, your backyard, banquet hall, local restaurant, local park or your local city center. This will also be determined by your guest list. If you have 30 or more guests having the shower at your house is not a good idea. Now if planning an outdoor shower keep in mind the weather and have a backup plan. Outdoor showers are great for a tea party theme!

Now my favorite part of the event Food! I have been to my fair share of showers and I must say I have only been impressed by one. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and this shower was a brunch. They served quiches, breakfast bakes, banana bread,mini muffins and mimosas. The best way to impress your guests is to get creative in a simple way. Instead of a big huge meal serve appetizers but make them a mini version of the original. I like mini sandwiches and tiramisu served in tea cups. If you are having it at a restaurant or catered ask if they can do tapas. Similar to appetizers, they are plates full of mini bites served to each table. They can also be served in courses. Another favorite is serve a signature drink. It doesn't have to alcoholic but it should be fun! My biggest piece of advice is avoid items like taco dip and boring veggie trays. We have seen them at a million showers.

Onto the subject of games. I am going to have to admit I am not a big fan. Some hosts get crazy and have 5 or more games to play. That is just too much. Especially when the games are centered around questions about the couple. There are a lot of guests who won't know most of the answers. If you are going to do a quiz on the couples I recommend making them multiple choice and no more than 5-8 questions. If you absolutely have to have games keep them simple and do 3 or less games. Your guests will thank you :)

To be continued.....

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