Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jaime's 6th Pizzeria Birthday Party

My little Jaime is now officially 6! The party was a huge success. This is the first birthday party Jaime has had with her friends from school. It was so cute to see each girl arrive in her party gear with gifts in hand.
Upon their arrival each girl received their personalized apron so they could get started in the pizzeria. The aprons were created by my friend Marrissa at The Couture Baby . Each apron was embroidered with "Jaime's Pizzeria" and an appliqued J with checkered material to match the invitations. We purchased individual pizza crusts and had each girl make their own pizzas. To make the process go smoothly I marked the bottom of each plate with their name. Once they assembled their pizza they brought it into the cook to put in the oven. It was hilarious to see what was brought in the kitchen. No sauce, no sauce no cheese and one little girl didn't want her's cooked!
Of course we needed to make sure and have desert. My sister in law had baked cupcakes the night before. We frosted them before the party. So when it was time for desert each girl was able to decorate their own cupcake. Now that is a sweet ending.
My only advice to those having their first birthday party with a lot of little ones... make sure you have back up plans. We had the girls at the house for 3 hours which ended up being too long. Lunch didn't take as long as we had anticipated. So have lots of fun activities planned.
If you would like to have your own pizza party make sure you check out my matching invitations and banner.

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