Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to use your Business Cards

This week I created the business card design for one of my contestants DP Photography.  Dionicia's business cards went from plain jane to fabulous and professional!  The final design was such a contrast.  Now she has the tools to promote her company.  But not everyone knows how to use their business cards correctly.

Many of my customers purchase 250 business cards and it takes them at least a year to go through them.  On the one hand some people may think that is great less money spent.  But in reality those business cards are multiple advertising opportunities that have been missed.  My company goes through at least 250 business cards every three months.  My goal is 250 per month.  Now you are probably thinking how can I give out 250 cards in even six months?  Let's cover all the great ways you can get your card out there and in customer's pockets.

The first thing is be prepared!  How many times have you had a conversation about your business with someone at the grocery store or a party and didn't have your cards on you?  I like to keep cards in my purse (wallet), keep a stack in your car, give a stack to family members you see often and when at parties keep a few in your pocket.  This way you are always prepared to advertise your business.

I am a huge fan of networking events!  I attend as many as possible.  The biggest mistake people make at these type of events is failing to give out their cards.  When you strike up a conversation with someone make sure you give them your card!  If you have a knockout design it is going to make an impression on this person.  The more you hand out the more those individuals will remember you.  And a strong design will have them talking!

As much as I love to cook I also adore eating out!  There is a place in town I frequent and the last time I was there a waitress told me she checked out my website after getting my card and loved it!  The next time you are out at a restaurant and you receive great service leave your card with the tip.  On the back of your card write a nice note about how you enjoyed your experience.

If you sell retail items either online or in a storefront you have tons of opportunities to get business cards in your customer's hands.  If you have a storefront include at least two cards in every bag with the customer's purchases! With every purchase from my website I include a minimum of two business cards and one coupon card.  Many people say their friends always ask where they got their invitations from.  Well now they have an extra card or two they can give to their friends.  Word of mouth is powerful advertising.  Why not give your clients the tools to promote you!

And finally the fish bowls!  You have seen them everywhere.  Win a free lunch when you drop your business card in here. I love this!  Not only do you get the opportunity to advertise you can get free lunch.  And when I get free lunches I make sure to take out my clients!

Now you have all the tools to use your cards effectively!  So get them out there and start reaping the rewards!