Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Small Investment Big Payoffs

Recently I ran a contest on facebook. Contestants posted a pic of their current business cards. The winner received a completely new design and 250 business cards. When I looked at each design as they came in the first thing that came to my mind is what does this person do? My next thought was it doesn't look like they enjoy what they do. Many of the designs were just stock and basic with all the basic info name, email and phone number. Some were even the Vista Print stock designs. One of my most hated because anyone can have the same image as you. One thing was the same about all of them. Not one of them stuck out they all blended together.

When you start your business it is hard to determine the best places to invest your money. Unfortunately the creation of a brand for your company is usually the last thing to be considered. Your branding should be one of the first things you consider when you start your business or are looking to refresh it! Your brand is like an invitation it is the first thing your clients see before the party starts. You want that invitation to give them the best impression before they meet you. Your logo is a great way to communicate who your company is and what you can offer your clients. A mistake that many companies is not all marketing materials match. There is a design for the business cards which was free from one company. Then there are the brochures that your Aunt Suzie designed for a small fee. And the post cards that were free off of Vista Print. The pricing sounds nice but the message you are sending to your customers is very confusing. Unless you have 3 different companies there is no reason to have 3 different images.

Are you ready to get excited about your business? My recent client Melanie owner of Salon Indulgence wanted a new look but just didn't seem very excited. In our first meeting I warned her that this process would definitely inspire her. In a recent email from her she said "I want to say thank you again for this you really have gotten me excited about my business again!" It is amazing what a new look can do not only for your company but for you!

When you are ready to start take the time to get an idea of what your want your logo to say. It is time to make sure your company stands out. Out of all the salon's in your city what makes you stand out? Is it the young hip vibe and unique hair designs that walk out the door? Or is it the classic sleek look that you give your clients? This should be represented in your logo and branding. I always recommend to my clients to look at other logo designs that they admire and bring them to me. Your company doesn't have to replicate those designs but it helps your designer understand your style.

My company Take it Personally by Christine offers fabulous logo design. One of the most unique items I offer is the "Cartoon" logos. This design style is great for businesses that the person/owner is the product. For example a realtor, hairdresser or contractor. The best part about this type of design is as soon as you hand the person your card they do a double take. It is so unexpected. And then they exclaim "That's you!". Now you have made an impression with the client.

Ready to get started? Check out my website for more info. For as little as $125 you can get started on a fresh new look! http://www.takeitpersonallybychristine.com/business-cards.html
Make sure to check out the before and after of Salon Indulgence.

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