Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Need Your Help! Adult Birthday Party Designs

Creating invitation designs for kids is always a blast and so easy.  Boys like trucks and superheroes and Girls like tea parties and dressing up.  But when it comes to adult invite designs I find myself stumped.  Especially designing for women.  So today I want to brainstorm with my readers and find some designs that will really work my clients.

I recently ran a post on facebook and had a fabulous response to my men's designs.  Two of my photog friends provided not only fabulous ideas but also images that I could use to create the ideas.  One of my friends also came up with the idea of classic cars.  This one has always been hard for me because most men want their own classic car in the illustration. (something I can do but really ups the cost) But the more I thought about it all I have to do is pick a few classics and we can always adjust the colors.  This way I am able to get to some of them.  So now I have two new invite design ideas but I need so many more!!!  What are your ideas for a perfect guy's birthday party invite?

Now the hardest one, women's designs.  One of my favorite ideas from facebook was Old Hollywood! That one came from my client Kimberly.  Some of the other ideas were great but I already have designs created around those ideas.  So what I am looking for is what would be your perfect birthday party invitation? I want to know what would you be wearing? Would you be sipping on a cocktail or how would you be posed? What colors would you use? What would you have in the background?

Send me your ideas!  The best idea will win a $25 Gift Certificate!  To win please "follow" my blog and post your ideas in the comment field under this post!