Monday, January 10, 2011

A Cup of Inspiration

My day almost always starts with a cup of coffee.  Thanks to my mom I have a fabulous Keurig that makes my coffee one cup at a time.  I determine my state of mood for the day by the coffee cup I choose.  Almost every single Monday I choose my Take it Personally mug.  It helps to remind me that this cup of coffee is not about relaxation today.  As you can see my cup is surrounded by some of the business cards I received this weekend.  Another reminder of things to do!
Not only does my coffee cup help to inspire me and start off my day so do my friends!  Being surrounded by other creative types helps to keep me in my best creative form!  This weekend I helped my dear friend Laurie Marie at the Green Bay bridal show.  She is just one of my many talented photog friends.  She says I can sell an ice cube to an Eskimo. LOL! Bridal shows are so inspiring.  I get almost a high off of louring in the brides to our booth.  This was one of the largest bridal shows I have been to.  It really helps me gain perspective for when I am ready to do one myself.  Through the networking group that I met Laurie through I also saw a handful of other vendors that recognized me.  It was great to reconnect with these vendors.  The new vendors I met were amazing.  Other great photographers, florists, and a videographer that blew me out of the water 1017 Video.
Today I am working on getting caught up on all of my pending projects.  Once completed it is time to network with all the great inspiring people I met this weekend!

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