Friday, February 4, 2011

Hugs'n Kisses Invitations Photoshoot

Creating bonds with other small business owners makes life sweet.  My photography friends are especially very dear to me.  My friend Amy of Custom Creations Photography has photographed my engagement, Vegas wedding, boudoir and even my dog Isabelle. She has been a long time friend of mine and now my sister.  My newest addition to my photography family is Laurie of Laurie Marie Photography.  We met through a networking group for local wedding professionals. 

Our first meeting was unforgettable. She had the most adorable headband on and she notice my bright orange Nine West flats that I am so proud of. Once we started talking there was the "spark".  This spark only happens when two creative minds meet.  All it takes are a few words from one and the other person's gears are turning with ideas.

Laurie asked me to pose for a boudoir session for her, a clothing line and I lent a hand at a couple bridal shows.  Love bridal shows!  So when I asked her to do a shoot for my new Hugs'n Kisses Wedding Invites she jumped at the opportunity. 

Thanks to my mother I love to dig around in thrift stores and antique stores to find unique items.  My biggest dilemma was to find a way to showcase a cupcake but unlike anything being shown on other websites.  Other party website are showing them in a cupcake stand.  I wanted something more individual.  My muse came while digging around with my mother on a Saturday afternoon. I came across the cutest little dishes in the snifter and champagne glass section.  To be quite honest I do not know what the true use of this dish is. (Feel free to let me know if you do!)  But the faint pink hue and scalloped edge had me sold.  The $.50 price tag didn't hurt either.  All I could picture is one cute cupcake nestled into this glass.  There were only 3.  Which now means I will forever be searching for more of them!

So now I have my muse the cupcake glass.  Now I need some of the small touches.  The invites have the xoxo theme with a heart in the center of the o. With Valentines day just around the corner it is easy to get sucked into everything with hearts. But I kept it simple. Marshmallow hearts were my next find.  They were great scattered around.  I also used them on my simple white cupcake.  You can ask my sister I am obsessed with cake pops.  So this shoot required pink pops with sprinkles.  They looked amazing in the cupcake glass and in a grouping on my antique cake stand. (A gift from my mom. Thanks mom!)

My husband came with and took some behind the scenes photos of Laurie stylizing my shoot.  You would be shocked what that woman can do with a piece of ribbon. I know I was!  The best part about the day was with working with a great friend and seeing my vision come to life!  I have posted the behind the scenes pics.  The professional photos will be coming soon!

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