Sunday, April 10, 2011

TAKEing a Walk

Sunday can sometimes turn into nothing more than me, my chair and lots of tv.  With the weather turning out to be so fabulous today I decided to get a few things accomplished at one time.  It is my strong belief that most women are cursed with the need to multi task.  So today I thought why not walk the dog, get my workout in and bring the camera with to take pictures I needed for a work project.  Work, personal time, family time and exercise all wrapped into one.

The photo goal was to get photos of trees with bare branches.  And with spring in full gear I figured now is the best time.  This tree will then be illustrated into a photo album for babies.  My dear friend Amy Zelmer of Custom Creations Photography came to me with this request.  Now searching for the perfect tree was definitely a challenge.  Because my version of perfect really means something that is more on the end of unique and misshapen. I was successful in finding 4 great trees.

Isabelle did an amazing job.  Every time I stopped to take a picture I asked her to sit and she listened.  She didn't get up until I said it was time to move on.  Check out her hot pic with her gentle leader.

The sun did eventually break out and I got a cute picture of downtown.  But shortly after the clouds rolled in.  I then had to beg Isabelle to shake a paw so we could make it home before the storm rolled in.  But don't worry I got plenty of tv watching in today.

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