Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have you tried Orange?

"Orange: any of a group of colours, such as that of the skin of an orange, that lie between red and yellow in the visible spectrum in the approximate wavelength range 620--585 nanometres"

When choosing colors for your wedding don't forget about the amazing shade of orange.  For many the first thought is Halloween. But I would prefer to think along the lines of tangerine.  Shades of citrus in Florida orange, tangerine and clementine.  Orange can even be paired with purple and not be reminiscent of Halloween if it is the right shade of purple.  The right combos can be bold and almost jewel toned or whimsical and romantic.  Banish your romantic ideas of a pink wedding when you see these beautiful pairings.

Now that you have seen the combos let's see them in action. 

I forgot to add this one in my color combo ideas!  I think it is a nice alternative to the yellow/gray combo that is currently popular.

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