Friday, September 30, 2011

Cooking and Dancing the salsa

Blogging is honestly a lot of fun for me.  My most difficult part with it is applying it strictly to my business.  I start to run out of ideas that are fun and interesting.  Soon my words start to sound robotic.  So to mix things up I am going to start posting some things that I am doing in addition to my graphic design work.

Honestly I do feel bad for those who have a hard time finding a hobby.  My usual response is "take one of mine!".  But then again I would have a hard time giving one of them up.  Today is about my hobby cooking.  For literally years I have tried to make salsa at home.  Each attempt is simply ok.  Nothing good just ok.  And I like to think my cooking is amazing.  So with the abundance of tomatoes from my garden (another hobby) I decided to give it another try.

So first I had to find an inspirational recipe.  Thanks to my new crush Pinterest I found an image that gave me just what I needed.  It is actually from a local B&B.  Which makes it even better for me.  When I reviewed the recipe I found that half the ingredients are roasted in the oven.  Hmmm ... I think I had heard of that before.  Now that sounds fun!  The next best part is you can this salsa.  This means yummy salsa all year round and huge savings.  All I needed that I didn't get from neighbor's or relative's gardens was the poblano peppers.  I had everything else including jars.

Making this recipe couldn't be easier.  I did double the recipe and ended up with almost six jars of salsa. Some parts were a little messy.  But I don't mind messy. My only recommendation is to seed the tomatoes. The end result was 1.5 jars of salsa gone in two days!  Absolutely delicious!  So good that today I am making another batch today.  Here is the link to the recipe I hope you give it a try and send the Brayton B&B a little thank you for their amazing recipe!

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